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(Reading the red writing will give you a quick summary. These are not links which are in blue or purple)

FIRST: Contact me via e-mail ( phone 07399 023296) and let me know what type of picture you are thinking of commissioning (painting/drawing; head &shoulders/ full length etc.) If you’re not sure, I will be able to discuss this with you.

SECOND: Send me your photo/s, either by e-mail or mail. If you have one special photo in mind and you are clear that it’s the one you want made into a painting – then I will proceed with that.

However, I advise sending a selection of photos, especially if there’s a few photos taken at the same time, as I can combine elements from more than one photo. For example: You have three photos taken of your child in a certain location. In the first photo, the face is perfect – just how you would want it painted, but its a close up and you can’t see much of what they were wearing. In the second photo – you can see more of them . In the third photo, there’s something in the background you’d like to include. All three can be combined to arrive at an ideal composition. You may have a number of photos and are not sure which to pick. It’s helpful for me to see some options as I will be able to advise as to which will give the best results.

THIRD:  When the picture’s finished I will send photo of it for your approval, if you want anything changed I cam do that. All commission work is subject to approval before sending and there is no obligation to buy if you are not happy with the finished result.

A commissioned portrait is an enduring thing of unique and personal value,  I would not be happy to sell you a product that you are not entirely happy with. On your approval you will make payment and I will send you your finished commission, (protectively packaged).


The quality of the photograph/s has an important bearing on the result of the finished painting.

A good photo to paint/draw a portrait from:

A good photo to paint/draw a portrait from:
In focus, close up, lots of light – taken with an average digita pencil portrait done from a photographal compact

As an Artist who aims at realism, I work by observation and am reliant on the visual information I can see.  Basically this means that I can’t produce a finely detailed painting from a blurred or low resolution photo. Its unlikely I can make a good painting from a poor quality photo. I usually would not agree to undertake a commission if I felt that the photo wasn’t of sufficient quality for me to be able to guarantee a good result.

Proffessional photos such as wedding photos, school portraits etc. are good for making a painting. But you may want to use something of you took, or you may want to take something specially for the commission – I can help you with this.

Today’s digital cameras and most phones generally take good enough pictures. The photo needs to have the face in focus and to have a reasonable level of resolution. If the face is very small in the photo there may not be enough detail for me to go on, so a close up is best.

AVOID THE FOLLOWING when choosing photos:

  • Pics that aren’t properly in focus
  • Flash photography
  • Pics where the subject is far away so their face is very small. Obviously if you want to commission a full figure portrait then this may be the case. In this case it is important that the photo is of good quality so I can see enough detail in the face, or, alternatively, have additional closer up shots that I can use as sources for painting the face.

If you want to take a good  photo for a fine art portrait, follow this link :  Tips for taking your own photos


This depends on size, number of figures, background and medium. Allow 2 weeks for a drawing. 2-4 weeks for a painting. Large scale work with multiple figures may take longer than these times.


Sittings can be arranged  for the cost of travel expenses. Live sittings are beneficial (but not necessary) to produce a finished portrait. Often, because my work is quite highly detailed, it’s not always practical timewise for people to sit for an entire painting ; I may take photo sources at the sittings  so I can do further work in the studio. I would hope that doing some sitting would make the painting of your portrait a more interesting, personal and memorable experience, as it does for me.